About Us


We’re an industry association of supplier and provider professionals with the goal of improving the effectiveness of Canada’s healthcare supply chain. Our Staff and Board work to meet the educational and networking needs of our members.



  • To establish and promote Canadian healthcare supply chain standards and leading practices
  • To provide executional support for all healthcare stakeholders that result in improved effectiveness and efficiency, improved patient outcomes and greater alignment between supply chain partners



  • To promote safe and quality health care through the implementation of optimal supply chain management practices and systems that are characterized by having the right product, at the right place, at the right time in the most cost effective manner.

AHRMM Membership

  • HSCN is a member of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association. This offers benefits for both HSCN and its members.

Key Priorities

HSCN has committed to key priorities representing core benefits to its members:

  •  A collection of leading practices
  •  Network of experts
  •  Affiliation with professional organizations
  •  Education programs
  •  Executive sponsorship for supply chain initiatives
  •  Skills inventory of core competencies
  •  Certification program
  •  Further development of regional buying entities and / or GPO's
  •  Identification and implementation of universal standards



The Healthcare Supply Chain Network was established in 2002, motivated by the November 2001 Task Force Report on Supply Chain Management entitled "Improving Supply Chain Management for Better Healthcare".

The Task Force Report was co-sponsored by the Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response and the Ontario Hospital Association. The Report demonstrated how a more efficient healthcare supply chain could achieve savings in excess of $350 million across Canada and how the use of leading practices and technology could significantly reduce medical errors while increasing patient safety. HSCN was created by committed members of the task force who saw the need to develop a network which could facilitate achievement of the Report’s findings.

HSCN has since developed into a national, volunteer-based, not-for-profit network of Providers and Suppliers dedicated to:

  • Identifying and implementing leading practices
  • Enhancing members' efficiency and effectiveness through professional development programs
  • Providing networking opportunities where supply chain professionals can share experiences and solutions to common challenges

HSCN is proud of the many resources offered to its members and listed on the www.hscn.org website.  These include a leading practice repository, Healthcare supply chain industry job postings, an online document library and the National Standard for Vendor Credentialing with the accompanying repository of vendor attestations to the standard.

HSCN issues a monthly newsletter providing an update of current events and changes in the Canadian marketplace. Members find a multitude of resources on our website including:

  • A leading practice repository
  • Healthcare supply chain industry job postings
  • An online document library