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HSCN Call for Board Applications    

Background:  Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) is a National not for profit organization of healthcare supply chain professionals that exists with two primary purposes:  

  • Establishing and promoting Canadian Healthcare supply chain standards and leading practices (National Standard for Vendor Credentialing; Certification programs; Innovation Procurement templates)
  • Providing executional support to improve supply chain effectiveness and efficiency, improved patient outcomes and greater alignment between supply chain partners (professional development; website RFP templates & forms and networking opportunities i.e. annual conference, workshops)
HSCN is issuing a call for application to "provider" positions on its Board of Directors

The directors of the Board set HSCN’s vision and policies, provide prudent financial oversight, hire and guide the General Manager, and help establish and evaluate our strategic objectives.   HSCN is currently looking for candidates with non-profit board experience and strong leadership skills, and who have a strong commitment to the healthcare supply chain. We continuously work to strengthen the Board by ensuring a broad mix of skills is represented, including non-core supply chain skills such as legal, finance and marketing.


The HSCN Board is a working board and as such Board Members are expected to attend and participate in monthly board meetings and the annual HSCN Conference, and are also expected to serve on at minimum one committee of the Board.  The Board of Directors meets nine times a year in person, and applicants outside the GTA may attend by teleconference. The Annual General Meeting is held in Toronto each May and in-person attendance is expected.


Each year the Nominating Committee reviews the structure, composition and balance of skills and experience of the Board. The Committee seeks qualified candidates to put their names forward with a view of aspiring to a Board that is reflective of the community it serves. In 2019 the HSCN board is seeking two “provider” members and we encourage individuals from across Canada to respond.


To ensure that every nominee receives full consideration, we encourage you to please submit in advance of March 1st, 2019. All proposed officials are brought before membership at the AGM for approval. If elected, the new members serve a two-year term, which starts on May 14th, 2019, and ends on May 15th, 2021. 

Board Members Qualifications
All individuals interested in becoming Board candidates must be active professionals within the healthcare supply chain field, be a member in good standing with HSCN or become a member by March 1st, and meet the following additional requirements for their respective position(s):

  •  Candidates for the Healthcare Provider Board Member seats must be directly employed by a healthcare provider.

Applications should include:

  • Your résumé and professional picture
  • A 100-word biography for publication
  • A 100-word statement of why you wish to serve on the Board of Directors and how you would promote the Mission of HSCN as a Director

If you are interested in nominating yourself or another candidate as a Board Member, or if you have any questions, please contact HSCN through email at