The Healthcare Supply Chain Network has eliminated all costs to the industry associated with adopting the National Standard for Vendor Credentialing.  Suppliers who wish to attest to their representatives meeting the national standard can now submit their attestation form to be published in the national registry at no cost.


The Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) along with a group of Canadian healthcare Providers and Vendors developed a National Standard for Vendor Credentialing. Our membership and beyond clearly indicated that a simplified process, avoiding unnecessary duplication, at minimum cost to the healthcare system and protecting the privacy rights of individuals, was needed to be available for Canadian healthcare organizations that chose to adopt this Standard.

Vendor Credentialing is the process of qualifying vendors by assessing their background and legitimacy against criteria as part of a credentialing process for calling on restricted areas of Canadian healthcare facilities. The Standard makes Vendors responsible to ensure and attest that their employees who visit healthcare facilities meet the Standard.

Vendors doing business with healthcare facilities who have adopted the Standard must sign a letter of attestation annually, confirming that each of their representatives who visit Canadian healthcare facilities comply with the Standard and to post their attestation on a password-protected website repository. Names of healthcare organizations who have adopted the Standard will be listed on the website to enable Vendors to know which healthcare organizations have adopted the Standard.

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