HSCN National Standard for Vendor Credentialing now No-Cost to the Industry

The Healthcare Supply Chain Network has eliminated all costs to the industry associated with adopting the National Standard for Vendor Credentialing.  Suppliers who wish to attest to their representatives meeting the national standard can now submit their attestation form to be published in the national registry at no cost. 

The National Standard for Vendor Credentialing is an efficient model for transferring accountability to the supplier for potential risks associated with supplier representatives having access to non-public areas of the hospital.  With a single annual form, a supplier can attest that the company and their representatives meet the requirements of the national standard.  The goal of the HSCN national standard and centralized registry is to streamline the credentialing process so that healthcare providers and their suppliers can address all their credentialing needs in one place and eliminate the need for hospitals and SSO’s to manage the credentialing process individually.  The HSCN believes that the registry provides a vital value-added resource to HSCN members and healthcare supply chain professionals across Canada.

In January 2013, HSCN unveiled the national standard and accompanying registry to the healthcare supply chain industry.  The national standard and registry were developed in response to the request of HSCN members to develop a collaborative approach to Vendor Credentialing that would avoid the legal risks, inefficiencies and tremendous costs seen the US.  The development of the national standard was based on meeting the needs of patients, healthcare providers, but ensuring the process and requirements met legal and ethical standards around human rights, labour rights, and personal privacy laws.  Under the HSCN model, personally sensitive information is maintained by the representative’s employer and is not transferred to HSCN or stored on 3rd party databases.

When asked about the move to a no-cost model, HSCN General Manager Susan Smith responded, “The attestation process and maintenance of the registry is so simple and efficient for the industry, we can absorb the administrative effort into our normal operations and, given the nominal costs, fund it from other revenue sources.  The approach fits squarely with our mandate of being a not-for-profit network of healthcare providers and suppliers committed to efficiency and effectiveness of the Canada’s healthcare supply chain.  Also, creating savings in the supply chain means there is more money for patient care”.