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Provides a basic framework to assist in understanding and managing strategic sourcing initiatives in healthcare organizations.




The Healthcare Certificate in Strategic Sourcing will be delivered through an interactive online and compressed format over thirteen weeks, and will cover Fundamentals, Understanding, and Deciding and Managing Strategic Sourcing in healthcare organizations.  Topics of study include strategic market analysis and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), the sourcing process, critical components of sourcing, spend analysis, contract analysis, product standardization, competitive and non-competitive sourcing, contract award and management, sustainability, total cost of ownership and customer/supplier relationship management.  Activities include interactive assignments, discussions, and case studies, and will draw upon the knowledge of the participants and the instructor to deliver real value to healthcare organizations.

Coursework in Maximizing Value and Performance (10 CPDs) will be offered over six weeks through an online interactive format.  This level provides an in-depth look at advanced aspects of supply chain.  Topics include performance metrics, including scorecards and templates; proponent evaluation and measurement; managing risk and effective drafting of Common Tending and Contracting templates; and Value Analysis to support fiscal sustainability

For SCMAO and HSCN members who hold the Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP) designation, this Certification is worth fifteen (30) continuous professional development maintenance credits.  Certificates of completion for any of these courses previously offered by HSCN or SCMAO will be considered toward this certification.

Please CLICK HERE to download a course outline for the Healthcare Supply Chain Certification. 


Module 1 
Strategic Sourcing
Module 2
Maximizing Value and Performance
Module 3
Process Re-Engineering for Healthcare Supply Chain Professionals

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Provides a basic framework to assist in understanding and managing strategic sourcing initiatives in healthcare organizations.  Topics include:
  • Spend and contract analysis
  • The sourcing process
  • Product standardization
  • Competitive and non-competitive sourcing
  • Contract award and management
  • Customer/supplier relationship management
This intermediate level module will provide an in-depth look at advanced aspects of supply chain.  Topics include:
  • Common Tendering and Contracting Templates
  • Value Analysis to support fiscal sustainability
  • Matching service levels with performance metrics
  • Key RFP elements and risks
  • Identify procurement risks and discuss risk
  • Contract negotiation
This Module will focus on process re-engineering to increase value to the organization.  Even minor changes in business process can have dramatic impacts on cash flow, service delivery and customer satisfaction. Topics include:
  • How to re-engineer a process
  • The impact of culture, attitude and behaviours
  • The difference between IT and business process
  • What to expect from the individual leading the process re-engineering initiative

You qualify for the membership rate if you are either an SCMAO member or a HSCN member. 

10% discount will be offered to groups of 5 and more.


"In our company Sales & Marketing work closely with the RFP’s put forth by the various hospital buying groups.  We, in Logistics, never really see the details of those RFP’s but are involved when it comes time to provide the requested materials for Trial to the hospitals - so, indeed, it is great to see the other side."

Perry E. Size, Senior Logistics Coordinator, Zimmer Canada

"Both Mr. Fabiano and yourself, [Sarah Friesen] did a fantastic job in providing solid information, reinforced with examples based on your experience;  this was very helpful in making the link to practical application.  My intention is to continue to pursue the Healthcare Supply Chain Certification, so I do hope we get to see each other again."

Travis Fell, Contract Administrator, The Ottawa Hospital