Become an HSCN Conference speaker for an outstanding opportunity to help map the future of the healthcare supply chain, supporting the delivery of exceptional healthcare.
HSCN’s annual Healthcare Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition provides a forum for you to share your innovative ideas and expertise with key supply chain professionals from SSO’s, individual hospitals, GPO's, government, supplier and consulting organizations.
Delegates attending the conference include:
  • Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers of Supply Chain with Shared Service Organizations, Group Purchasing Organizations and Healthcare facilities
  • Purchasing and Logistics Professionals
  • Ministry of Government Services Leadership
  • Clinical Resource Managers
  • Contract Administrators
  • Chief Financial and Resource Officers
  • Healthcare Supplier, Manufacturer, Distributors and Logistics Representatives
  • Healthcare iCommerce and MMIS Professionals
  • Standards Organizations
  • Healthcare Resource and Materials Management Consultants

Within the ongoing transformation of the Canadian healthcare system, supply chain has become a critical enabler in meeting organizational goals by driving clinical value, executing innovation, and generating operational efficiency. In order to fulfill these objectives, supply chain professionals engage with a host of stakeholders in fostering a coordinated healthcare delivery system. HSCN 2015 will explore strategic ideas, innovation, and leading practices in supply chain.

Preference is given to proposals that are innovation focused and include case studies, are solution-based and provide takeaways on topics pertinent to one of the areas listed below:

  • Supply Chain Transformation - Healthcare transformation to a value-based care model has created foundational opportunities and challenges for the supply chain. Your story will illustrate a proactive and innovative overarching strategy delivering concepts utilizing cost, quality, and outcomes to provide clear solutions to move supply chain to the forefront in healthcare.
  • Strategic Sourcing/Procurement
 - Share your approach on strategic sourcing practices, both in terms of innovative procurement practices and procurement of innovation.
  • Technology, Informatics
 - Your presentation will help others stay up to speed with the latest advancements in healthcare technology. In today’s market, information technology (IT) is critical to every organization’s success. Sharing your story will help others focus on how the field can and will benefit from the IT evolution.
  • Strategic Management in Supply Chain – Share your approach to optimize this aspect of supply chain. For example, do you have a unique or innovative approach to the collaborative process of critically analyzing spend and using this information to make business decisions about acquiring commodities, products, equipment, software and services more effectively and efficiently? Your process will help your peers optimize performance, minimize price, and evaluate total life cycle management costs. It involves elements such as examination of supply chain budgets, the landscape of the supply market, negotiation with suppliers, and periodic assessments of supply transactions. Your process may evaluate the best use of GPOs in the contracting/sourcing decision-making.
  • Clinical Resource Management/Value Analysis – Share your team’s expertise in recognizing clinical evidence, financial implications and supply chain tactics required to improve patient care, quality and safety that enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness while mitigating escalating healthcare costs.  Share practical tools in cost management and physician preference strategies.  Your presentation should cover key areas of clinical resource management and value analysis as it relates to the healthcare supply chain, including integration of the value analysis function into key purchasing decisions.
  • Logistics – Speak to the work your team has accomplished on the efficient flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet customer requirements.  This will include inventory control and distribution systems, supply utilization review, customer service planning, evaluation and reduction in waste, collaboration with supplier partners as well as information systems improvements that will have a critical impact on organizational success. 
Proposal Requirements

Presentations will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • How well does the proposal relate to the overall conference theme and at least one of the identified focus areas?
    • The presentation summary and description should demonstrate how the presentation relates to the conference theme and to the applicable area of focus
    • The proposal should offer a unique perspective or application that adds value for an attendee.
  • Will your proposal attract a national audience?
  • Did you address the following areas completely and thoroughly?
    • The proposal demonstrates application of the content.
    • The depth and/or complexity of the content being delivered will be appropriate for the typical HSCN audience.
    • The proposal title matches the content of the presentation.
    • The proposal is free of commercialism.
  • Are the speaker credentials complete?
    • A presentation should have no more than one presenter however consideration will be given to a second presenter if different perspectives support the topic.
    • Speaking references and/or presentation ratings should be provided with the proposal, however they are not mandatory.
    • The Evaluation Committee will look at any available feedback on the presenter from past speaking experiences and may use the references to confirm the presenter’s ability to deliver the presentation in a professional and engaging manner.
  • Presentation length
    • Sessions should be 45 minutes, including time for a short question-and-answer period.
  • Other selection criteria applied by the Evaluation Committee include:
    • Originality
    • Technical content, value and relevance
    • Time allowed to cover subject
    • Overlap with other sessions
    • Balance with overall conference
Proposal Evaluation and Acceptance 
  • Presentations at HSCN’s Conference & Exhibition will be assigned to areas of interest outlined in this Call for Presentations.
  • Preference is given to proposals that include innovation case studies, are solution-based and provide takeaways on topics pertinent to one of the areas of interest.
  • Members of the HSCN Conference Committee sub-group are responsible for ranking proposals, speakers, and timeliness of topics.
Presentation Logistics
  • Letter of Acceptance: If your proposal is selected, an electronic “Letter of Acceptance” will be sent to you by February 2015. It will include a timeline and templates to assist you in planning.
  • Presentation Guidelines: If your proposal is accepted, you are required to forward your session content on PowerPoint by the deadline included in your Letter of Acceptance. PowerPoint presentations must be on the slide template provided by HSCN - your organization’s logo can be added in the lower left section. Your materials will be included on the HSCN website members section after the conference.
  • Sales Presentations: This Call for Presentation is open to both the Provider and Supplier community however HSCN does not accept conference presentations in the form of commercial promotional material for a business or product.  
  • Expenses: Should your proposal be accepted, HSCN will cover the following expenses:
    • Travel (Mileage or economy class flight or train as appropriate) for one person
    • Registration for 1 day of the conference for one person

Submit your proposals by November 28, 2014 to – questions should be directed to the Conference Committee through

We look forward to your participation at HSCN 2015.