Innovation Procurement Toolkit Expansion






The Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) created an innovation toolkit in 2014 to support the healthcare sector in leveraging procurement as a tool to drive innovation. Since the release of the toolkit, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has released the BPS Primer on Innovation Procurement – Interim. The Primer contains guidance on innovation procurement, including outlining seven early market engagement strategies and six innovation procurement models that can be used to encourage the adoption of innovation by Ontario’s broader public sector (BPS).

The current HSCN toolkit posted online at IP Toolkit 2014 includes:

  • Innovation Procurement RFP Template
  • Innovation Procurement Services Agreement Template
  • Innovation Procurement Guide to Developing Evaluation Criteria
  • Innovation Procurement Template Risks and Risk Mitigation
  • Innovation Procurement Outcome-based Specification Guide
  • Innovation Procurement Guide to Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership
  • Total Cost of Ownership Spreadsheet

Innovation Procurement Toolkit Expansion

HSCN’s Expansion of the Innovation Procurement Toolkit project seeks to address barriers to innovation procurement by developing a more comprehensive innovation procurement toolkit for the health sector, and by building capacity to manage complex value based procurement initiatives through training. 

This project will provide healthcare procurement professionals with a single point of referral and documented resources to support their activities in developing and conducting procurements for innovative solutions. The expanded toolkit will also support two of the recommendations the Healthcare Sector Supply Chain Strategy Expert Panel made in its report Advancing Healthcare in Ontario: Optimizing the Healthcare Supply Chain – A New Model, which recommends procuring innovative products and solutions and building capacity to undertake value based procurement. 


The new toolkit will include the existing guides, updated based on new information obtained through an environmental scan, new RFP and Agreement templates, plus additional guides to support each of the innovation procurement models outlined in the MGCS Primer: 

  1. R&D Procurement
  2. Innovation Partnership (revised from the current HSCN template)
  3. Design Contest
  4. Competitive Dialogue
  5. Competitive Procedure with Negotiation
  6. Innovation Friendly Competitive Process (e.g., alternative proposals)

The new toolkit will also provide workflows to support BPS organizations in conducting early market engagement to allow for better vendor engagement into the procurement processes. As with the release of the original toolkit, HSCN will be providing training on the new tools and templates. Free training is expected to be offered in early summer 2018. 


This project is funded by the OntarioBuys program. OntarioBuys makes investments to support innovation, facilitate and accelerate the adoption of integrated supply chain, back-office leading practices and operational excellence by driving collaboration and improving supply chain processes in Ontario’s broader public sector (BPS).