HSCN will be delivering the second round of Innovation Procurement training sessions in September and October. These FREE workshops will enhance understanding of the value of Innovation Procurement and explain how to use the Innovation Procurement Toolkit (IPT). Through skills labs and other group activities we will do a deep dive on various elements such as Early Market Engagement Strategies, Outcome-based Specifications and Value Based Evaluation Criteria. Participants will mix with healthcare procurement specialists, suppliers, innovators and other key stakeholders in a stimulating learning environment geared to arm them with a new set of skills.

These workshops are designed to demonstrate how innovation procurement is a strategic enabler, focused on improved patient outcomes and increased efficiency to the system while delivering value for money. Core information is provided through pre-reading plus information sharing on day one of the training. The emphasis, however, is on skill development, starting day one with activities to build confidence in using the tools and templates. On day two, groups work on scenario-based activities focused on the application of innovation procurement strategies, so they can use the toolkit to deliver value immediately.


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TORONTO and NEWMARKET SESSIONS ARE NOW SOLD OUT. If you require further information, please contact Sarah Friesen at sarah@friesenconcepts.ca.