Our Membership Year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

Group memberships will be invoiced to one organization and must be accompanied by the name of one primary contact along with the names of the individuals within the group. Memberships are transferable only if someone leaves the organization.

Organizations purchasing group memberships have their corporate logo with a link their website on HSCN Leading Supporters page


Category Description Price** Group Savings*
Provider - Individual Hospital/Health Authority/Shared Service $300  
Supplier - Individual Product or Service $300  
Other - Individual GPO, Consultant, Industry Associate, etc $300  
Senior (62+)   $100  
Student  Enrolled Full Time $50  
Group - 5 Members Minimum Provider, Supplier, Other $1,350 $30/member
Group - 10 Members Minimum Provider, Supplier, Other $2,550 $45/member
Group - 15 Members Minimum Provider, Supplier, Other $3,600 $60/member
Group - 20+ Members Provider, Supplier, Other $225/member $75/member

*Groups must reach minimum number of members to receive level discount. Memberships in-between group thresholds will be prorated at highest achieved group level.

(ex. Member #4 is at $300/Member #12 is at $255/Member #21 is at $225)

**Add provincial HST/GST


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