In 2013 HSCN unveiled the National Standard for Vendor Credentialing and an accompanying registry to the healthcare supply chain industry.  Its development was based on supporting the needs of patients and healthcare providers while ensuring the process and requirements for healthcare representatives met legal standards around human rights, labour rights and personal privacy laws. The HSCN National Standard is unique because it was developed collaboratively with health care providers and suppliers from across Canada. It respects our unique health care system with a non-profit approach to promote sound policies for safety and security.
In recognition of the value HSCN members place on the safety and protection of our healthcare professionals and our patients, HSCN, in collaboration with Rx&D has launched a web-based on- line training program on the National Standard for Vendor Credentialing for members and other professionals within the industry.
This comprehensive on-line training program, available in both English and French, is designed using an intuitive learning platform that meets the principles of adult learning, and is based on a series of practical case based learning modules. The program is designed to build better understanding and compliance with HSCN’s National Standard for Vendor Credentialing and to ensure the privacy and safety of patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare representatives.



Select either Company Registration or Individual Registration


Fees for on-line Vendor Credentialing eLearning


Initial Fee

Annual Fee


Corporate - License & Unlimited Access



Includes a single Administration and User Access Code.

Administrators access employee activity through the use of their email address and PIN combination.

Individual Access - Member



Includes non-transferable User Access Code.

Course completion will be monitored by HSCN.

Individual Access - Non-Member



*Includes applicable taxes


  1. Complete the registration and complete your payment
  2. You will receive a PIN from HSCN; for companies this PIN will be used by the company administrator to enter the system and monitor employee completion status as well as for all employees

  3. When you receive your PIN, click on to set up your account. Once you have signed in you can access your e-Learning program at any time at

  4. Select the Vendor Credentialing module or the Vendor Credentialing: Category III Supplement by clicking on the name. The program will expand to allow you to begin or continue the module, and/or complete the evaluation

  5. Module will begin running, including narration so keep your volume on

  6. Navigation buttons, Press "Next>>" button to progress to next slide, "Pause" to stop a slide and "<<Prev" to review the last slide

  7. At any point during the program, you can click the shortcut link to view the corresponding section of the code

  8. Complete self-check questions throughout; you will have several chances to achieve the correct answer

  9. If you need to exit for whatever reason – click the x on the box and log out

  10. Complete the questions/evaluation that follows each module

  11. Download your certificate





Background Screening


Appropriate Product Education and Training

PIPEDA Knowledge and Compliance

Confidentiality and Non-disclosure

Canadian and Provincial Agreements

Code of Ethics

Hand Washing Hygiene

Sterile and Restricted Areas Protocol - Category III Supplement

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