HSCN National Standard for Vendor Credentialing

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HSCN Vendor Credentialing Webinar Education

HSCN is proud to announce the launch of the HSCN Vendor Credentialing Webinar Program.  HSCN now offers webinars on the various components of the HSCN National Standard for Vendor Credentialing.  This course is focused towards healthcare suppliers that do not have in-house offerings for their staff and who wish to access a one-stop approach to information and course-work supporting the National Standard.


Vendor Credentialing is the process of qualifying vendors who wish to call on Canadian healthcare facilities by assessing their background and legitimacy against standardized criteria. The HSCN National Standard for Vendor Credentialing has been operationalized through the HSCN website which lists and displays attestations from vendors who’s representatives and company practices satisfy the requirements within the Standard.  Hospitals can access the password-protected HSCN Attestation Registry to ensure vendor reps meet the credentialing requirements to access the facility.


Vendors, like healthcare organizations, hold patient safety and quality care as essential goals. The standard outlines the basic requirements to assure patient safety through the vendors hiring criteria and training programs. The standard is made up of 9 main components and defines 3 categories for vendor representatives depending on the physical access they require within the hospital. Companies doing business with healthcare facilities that have adopted the Standard must sign a letter of attestation annually. 


This course will give an overview of the chronology of events, what the HSCN national standard is, why use the HSCN standard for Vendor Credentialing, how to comply with the standard and what your next steps are.  This course is focused towards healthcare suppliers. The course provides a one stop approach that covers all of the required materiel in the HSCN national standard.


Per-person fee for this webinar is $275 (HST incl.) for HSCN members and $350 (HST incl.) for non-Members. Please note that everyone who signs up as an HSCN member must have their own individual membership number. 

If your organization would like corporate group training, please contact us directly. We offer a 20% discount for corporate training. On-site corporate group training is also available. (Organizations are responsible for securing the venue, audio/visual requirements, and travel expenses for the instructor.)

Contact HSCN for details at: administration@hscn.org or REGISTER NOW

HSCN National Standard for Vendor Credentialing


"I wanted to follow up with you just to let you know how incredibly valuable my team and I found Cynthia’s presentation.

We covered a lot of ground over our morning session but she kept our attention, answered all of our questions and educated us on vendor credentialing and the BPS purchasing guidelines.

It was money well spent and I’m glad we were able to make it happen.

Thanks for your support with this."

Tim Emo - Vice President - Vernacare