BPS Procurement Directive Refresher

Whether you are new to healthcare, or in need of a refresher, this session will provide an overview of the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive and how it affects your procurement processes. Since April 2011, BPS organizations, including those in the healthcare sector, have been required to ensure their purchasing policies and procedures are compliant with the 25 mandatory requirements of the BPS Procurement Directive. Attend this session to:

  • Refresh/expand your understanding of the Ontario BPS Procurement Directive
  • Learn how leading practice procurement processes align with the Directive

This session will enable you to be “process subject matter experts” when managing procurement initiatives.


Innovation Procurement Templates

HSCN has developed a Toolkit to assist healthcare organizations in developing innovation procurement strategies to support the uptake of innovation in the healthcare sector. The Innovation Procurement Toolkit Training Session will:

  • Provide an overview of innovation procurement and the implications of Ontario BPS procurement requirements
  • Introduce a Service RFP template modified for innovation procurement
  • Provide guidance on how to address key elements of an innovation procurement workflow, such as the development of requirements and evaluation criteria
  • Develop practical skills for constructing an innovation service RFP, incorporating the appropriate legal agreement to support innovation procurement
Inside the Mind of the Supply Chain Professional: Understanding the RFP (Supplier Focused)

Ever wonder why you have to fill out the RFP the way you are asked?
Then this session is for you! Get inside the mind of a healthcare supply chain professional.  Learn the foundational principles of the BPS Procurement Directive, the elements of sourcing strategy development, how to prepare your response to the competitive document and bid review and ultimately how your potential customer will award the agreement.


Introduction to Healthcare Procurement in Ontario 

This session has been designed for individuals who are new to the healthcare sector.  It provides an overview of the healthcare landscape, including the legislative framework, current procurement models and nuances of organizational culture. You will learn about procurement methodologies and be introduced to the sector’s Common Tendering and Contracting templates. Participants from both healthcare organizations and supplier organizations will benefit from “healthcare procurement 101”.  Let our experts help you optimize your procurement experience so you can hit the ground running in healthcare procurement.

Practical Guidance on Data Improvement Programs 

Healthcare supply chain practitioners have a variety of legacy systems with master data that has been created, and continues to be created, without a controlled structure.  As a result, the data needed for strategic sourcing, for year over year comparisons, or for participation in group/shared services contracting work, requires endless rounds of “data cleansing” that are costly and necessary but secondary to delivering value.

This course is valuable for individuals responsible for managing data as an asset as well as for teams who will work together to immerse themselves in the concept before launching your organizational initiative.

Our expert will provide practical advice and will incorporate time to allow you to work on real-life examples on setting the strategy; creating the governance processes; building the tools and improving the legacy systems to break the cycle of endless data cleansing, giving practitioners more time to do sourcing and procurement.  In addition it will help the healthcare institutions become more effective partners with any GPO or SSO that they are working with to create consolidated contracts through the use of shared external standards.

Process Re-Engineering for Healthcare Supply Chain Professionals

- Have you always done something the same way? Are you feeling pressure to do more with less? Do you have good people but poor performance results because processes are cumbersome and include non-essential activities?  Do you want to be more efficient and effective?  If you are ready to re-think the way people perform their daily work then this session will help you use process re-engineering to increase value to the organization.  Even minor changes in business process can have dramatic impacts on cash flow, service delivery and customer satisfaction. At this session you will learn:

  • What process re-engineering is
  • How to re-engineer a process
  • The impact of culture, attitude and behaviours
  • The difference between IT and business process
  • What to expect from the individual leading the process re-engineering initiative
Vendor Credentialing Educational Program

This course will give an overview of the chronology of events, what the HSCN national standard is, why use the HSCN standard for Vendor Credentialing, how to comply with the standard and what your next steps are.  This course is focused towards healthcare suppliers. The course provides a one-stop approach that covers all of the required materiel in the HSCN national standard.  Once all sales and “HCO on-site” maintenance staff complete this course, your company will be in a position to complete the HSCN National Vendor Credentialing Attestation.

This course is available as a webinar or through on-line e-learning.