Healthcare Provider Supply Chain organizations have their own internal metrics as part of an operational performance management framework. These metrics are vital to support continuous improvement or determine the value of a new program or process.  For this type of internal performance management, metrics are used to compare current performance against past performance. 

What is missing is the ability to compare your organization to other similar organizations across Canada.  We can say that we have improved by 30% over last year, but are we still below the national average?  Are we best-in-class?  Supply Chain service providers (typically SSOs) are looking for ways to demonstrate to their shareholders, stakeholders and clients that they are providing excellent value and operational excellence.
To facilitate the Provider members in assessing their operational performance, the HSCN has initiated a national benchmarking cooperative; a group of representatives from Healthcare Provider Supply Chain organizations to establish common metrics to be collected and reported quarterly for the purpose of comparative benchmarking.


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