Benefits of the Standard for Healthcare Providers:

  • Appropriately safeguard the health and safety of patients, residents and staff
  • Ensuring that vendor representatives attending restricted areas of healthcare facilities have the appropriate immunizations, background, education and training
  • Minimize the risk associated with allowing vendor representatives to call on restricted areas
  • Manage vendor credentialing in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Bring further awareness to your hospital vendor guidelines


Key steps in the implementation of this policy for Healthcare Providers include:

  • Provider or Provider’s SSO advises HSCN of the endorsement of the Standard
  • The Provider’s organization is listed on the HSCN Vendor Credentialing website to inform vendors that the organization has endorsed the Standard
  • Provider to include language in RFX / Terms & Conditions documents indicating vendors awarded contracts must comply with the Standard
  • Vendor agrees to comply with the Standard as part of the normal contracting process
  • Vendor takes the appropriate steps to ensure that they comply with the Standard
  • Vendor submits a signed attestation annually to HSCN verifying compliance with the Standard
  • Provider confirms that the Vendor has submitted the required annual attestation and takes any steps it considers appropriate to ensure Vendor compliance with the Standard
Vendor Credentialing Endorsement Submission Form
Vendor Attestations 

Only Providers who have endorsed the HSCN National Standard for Vendor Credentialing may access these attestations.