Thursday, February 21, 2019 – Professional Development Day - Session Details

Concurrent I (Full Day Session)

Innovation Procurement : Putting Theory into Practice

Sarah Friesen, Friesen Concepts Inc.

Daniel Fabiano, Partner, Fasken Law Firm

HSCN has launched a new and expanded Innovation Procurement Toolkit, and many of you have already attended the in depth training that covers early market engagement (EME) strategies, outcome-based specifications (OBS) and value-based evaluation criteria (VBEC). This session offers practical guidance on how to leverage those EME strategies, OBS and VBEC when populating the Request for Pre-Qualification (RFPQ) and Request for Solution (RFS) templates. We will also explore other important elements of the competitive documents, and take a closer look at the corresponding agreement templates, highlighting key factors to mitigate risk.


Concurrent II (Morning Session)

Healthcare Procurement: What Makes it Special?

Iris Ko, Former Strategic Policy and Innovation Director, Ontario Government

An overview of the healthcare procurement landscape, including the legis-lative framework, procurement models and nuances of organizational cul-ture. Learn about leading practice procurement methodologies, including approaches to innovation procurement. The session also provides an overview of how the Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Di-rective impacts procurement processes.


Concurrent III (Afternoon Session)

Value-Based Procurement: Understanding the Methodologies

Pamela Robertson, Managing Director, ACG Inc.

This highly interactive session will focus on deepening your understanding of Value Based Procurement and Innovation Procurement. Key elements include hands-on problem solving and case studies and a thorough re-view of the continuum of methodologies and principles as they apply to Value Based Healthcare.