Tuesday, November 28 – Professional Development Day - Session Details



Concurrent I (Morning Session)

Healthcare Procurement: What Makes it Special?

Sarah Friesen, Friesen Concepts, Inc.

Iris Ko, Former Strategic Policy and Innovation Director of Ontario Government

This session provides an overview of the healthcare procurement landscape, including the legislative framework, procurement models and nuances of organizational culture, using Ontario as an example. You will learn about leading practice procurement methodologies, including approaches (and challenges!) to innovation procurement.  The session also provides an overview of how the Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive impacts procurement processes.
Whether you are new to healthcare, or in need of a refresher, participants from both healthcare organizations and supplier organizations will benefit from this session.  Let our experts help you optimize your procurement experience so you can hit the ground running.

Concurrent II (Morning Session)

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence for Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders

Penny Clark, CPCC, CHRP, ACC, Principal Owner, Insightfull Coaching

This workshop will be valuable to Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders who are looking for insight to assist them in developing their knowledge and application of Emotional Intelligence. Research shows Emotional Intelligence is linked to increased performance, and is a more significant determinant of success at work and in life than cognitive intelligence or technical proficiency.

The session provides an interactive half day workshop, with experiential exercises.  It is focused on providing you knowledge about Emotional Intelligence, and how Emotional Intelligence is part nature, and part nuture.   You will learn how you can enhance your emotional and social functioning skillset, and how this skillset could assist you in determining what strategies to employ to enhance your day to day interactions. 

Key Deliverables Include:
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence – what is it?
  • What about nature and nuture?
  • How you can become more aware of, and positively impact, your own emotions, and those of your Direct Reports, Peers, Managers and other Stakeholders
  • Incorporated learning activities to support your learning with key take aways for you to apply right away back at work and in your life

If you are looking for a stronger understanding of Emotional Intelligence, and how you can benefit by applying techniques in your challenging and complex environment as a Healthcare Supply Chain Leader, this workshop is for you.

Concurrent III (Afternoon Session)

Procurement Rules and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement:  What’s Different?  What’s New?

Daniel Fabiano, Partner, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) came into force on July 1, 2017, replacing the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) as the foundational document for public and broader public sector procurement rules.  Although the CFTA replicates many of the AIT’s requirements, there are changes.  In this session, you will learn what publicly funded academic, health and social services entities need to do differently – and what suppliers can expect to see in future procurement processes for such entities.

Concurrent IV (Afternoon Session)

A Leader’s Toolkit to Managing Change and Transition

Penny Clark, CPCC, CHRP, ACC, Principal Owner, Insightfull Coaching

This workshop will be valuable to Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders who are looking for tools to assist them in managing the tremendous amount of change and transition that exist in the environment today.

The session provides an interactive half day workshop,  with experiential exercises.  It is focused on providing you awareness, techniques and tools to assist you in managing yourself and your teams through change and transition.

Understanding change vs transition will assist in setting context for the day.  This workshop focuses on the human side of change, beyond the quantitative deliverables of any change initiative. It permits the Participants the opportunity to learn, experience and share in a safe environment.  They will take away techniques and processes for implementation back in their own environment.

Key Deliverables Include:
  • Communication strategies - team and individual communication strategies that deliver an impact
  • Self Care -why it is important to take care of yourself and how you do that
  • Leveraging Relationship Systems Intelligence™ -utilizing Constellation and Deep Democracy skills to assess where your team is at, and honour all voices
  • Embracing, and managing with resilience – how to own the change initiative and manage it “your way”
  • Leading your team - maintaining focus and results orientation from a place of support and personal authenticity
  • Celebration of Accomplishments -how to recognize your team along the way

If you are looking for practical tools to help you move forward in the complex and every changing Healthcare environment, this workshop is for you