We are Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN), an industry association of supplier and provider professionals who are committed to establishing and promoting Canadian healthcare supply chain standards and leading practices, as well as supporting healthcare stakeholders in order to improve patient outcomes and develop greater alignment between supply chain partners.

We believe that by increasing efficiency in our healthcare supply chain, not only can we significantly reduce medical errors and increase patient safety, but we can also save the healthcare system millions of dollars across the country.

We are a national, volunteer-based, not-for-profit network of providers and suppliers dedicated to:

  • Identifying and implementing leading practices
  • Enhancing member’s efficiency and effectiveness through professional development programs
  • Providing networking opportunities where supply chain professionals can share experiences and solutions to common challenges

HSCN is proud of the many resources offered to our members. These include a leading practice repository, healthcare supply chain industry job postings, an online document library and the National Standard for Vendor Credentialing with the accompanying repository of vendor attestations to the standard.

HSCN is a member of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association.