Vendor Credentialing (VC) is the process of qualifying vendors by assessing their background and legitimacy against criteria as part of a credentialing process for calling on restricted areas of Canadian healthcare facilities.

The goal of creating a national VC standard is to minimize the costs to the Canadian healthcare system, simplify the process, avoid unnecessary duplication and protect the privacy rights of individuals. To this end, the HSCN National Standard for Vendor Credentialing was developed by a committee of Providers and Suppliers from across Canada. The Standard makes Vendors responsible for ensuring and attesting that their employees who call on healthcare facilities meet the Standard.

What is the purpose of Vendor Credentialing?

Vendors doing business with healthcare facilities who have adopted the Standard must sign a letter of attestation annually, confirming that each of their representatives who visit Canadian healthcare facilities comply with the Standard and to post their attestation on a password-protected website repository.

View HSCN’s Vendor Credentialing white paper for more information or view HSCN’s Vendor Credentialing white paper summary.

What are the benefits of Vendor Credentialing?

The Standard benefits both healthcare providers as well as vendors.

Benefits for healthcare providers:

  • Appropriately safeguard the health and safety of patients, residents and staff
  • Ensuring that vendor representatives attending restricted areas of healthcare facilities have the appropriate immunizations, background, education and training
  • Minimize the risk associated with allowing representatives to call on restricted areas
  • Manage vendor credentialing in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Bring further awareness to your hospital vendor guidelines

Benefits for vendors:

  • Vendor complies with the terms and conditions of their customer’s contract
  • Vendor has a single annual credentialing attestation requirement for all the Canadian healthcare organizations who adopt the Standard
  • Vendor attestation is posted on a password protected web directory for view by healthcare organizations who have adopted the Standard

Vendor Credentialing Resources:

  • National Standard for Vendor Credentialing-Printable Version ENG | FR
  • National Standard for Vendor Credentialing Information Sheet Printable Version  ENG | FR
  • Providers Who Have Adopted the National Standard  ENG
  • Vendor Credentialing Attestation Form ENG

Want to learn more about Vendor Credentialing?

Ensuring that industry representatives are appropriately trained is an important component of meeting all vendor credentialing requirements. In order to attest that your organization meets vendor credentialing standards, a representative may choose to utilize any of the following training opportunities: