What it is: The national Benchmarking Cooperative is a network of similar healthcare provider supply chain organizations sharing performance metrics in order to assess their operational performance comparatively with peer organizations. The Cooperative provides Supply Chain service providers a way to demonstrate to their shareholders, stakeholders and clients that they are providing excellent value and operational excellence.

How it works: Participants submit a small number of commonly measured operational metrics quarterly to HSCN who compile the information into a consolidated report which is distributed amongst participating members only. Differences in scope and methodology are noted in the report to provide context for any significant variances from the benchmark.

Cooperative members attend an online meeting once a quarter to review the report, discuss the findings and look for opportunities to expand the scope and improve the value of the Benchmarking Cooperative for the participating members.

Want to Participate? If you are a Healthcare Provider member of HSCN and would like to participate in the National Benchmarking Cooperative, please respond to administration@hscn.org to receive further information.

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