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The Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) has ceased operations effective June 30, 2020. We thank our members, event and course attendees and our sponsors for your support of our organization over the past 18 years.

A lot of our members have said over the years that the key word in our organization’s name is NETWORK. We hope that you will continue to maintain and foster the many relationships that you have formed over the years through participating in our organization and look forward to following the continuing development and evolution of the healthcare supply chain industry and profession in the future.

We have arranged for the transfer of some of HSCN’s key services and programs to the following:

The Healthcare Supply Chain Certification program is now being administered by Supply Chain Canada.

The Vendor Credentialing program is now being administered by Health Standards Organization and Accreditation Canada. For more information on the Vendor Credentialing solution, please use the following contact email:

The Innovation Procurement Toolkit is now being administered by Ontario Centres of Excellence.

HSCN resources such as HSCN conference archives, webinar materials and other select HSCN documents are being hosted by GS1 Canada.

Supply Chain Canada and GS1 Canada have offered a 1-year membership/subscription to 2020 HSCN members, at no additional cost. Exercising these membership offers is required to enjoy membership discounts on the Healthcare Supply Chain Certification program (Supply Chain Canada) or access to the HSCN archival information (GS1 Canada).

For information on exercising these options, please visit or contact the following.